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Management Advisory

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Decisions concerning financing, budgeting, pricing, and planning are integral for the growth and proper management of any business. SVLD works closely with clients in implementing and monitoring business management strategies and results.

We offer the following management advisory services:

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - assitance with corporate strategies and development; financial strategies; modeling and forecasting for management decisions.
  • Planning and Control - capital expenditure planning, cost accounting, product profitability, budgeting, cash management, cash flow projections, and assisting clients with business financing options.
  • Buying/Selling A Business - work with clients to formulate plans for buying and selling a business.
  • Information Systems - assist with the evaluation and implementation of software and hardware.

We can assist with the design and implementation of a complete manually-operated or computerized financial management system that will greatly simplify your accounting procedures and provide management with the information necessary for business decisions.